Order Information Preferred method: orders@silco-inc.com Fax: 440-975-8887 Phone: 440-975-8886 Order acknowledgements are sent the same method orders are received. Acknowledgement & Invoice Delivery – Silco is trying to be more conscious of our environmental impact. Please help us both save resources by going paperless wherever plausible. The majority of customers and vendors with which we work appreciate sending and receiving transactions digitally. Not only does this reduce paper waste and save costs, but it gives a very reliable transaction history for both parties. Please give us an email to send your order acknowledgements and invoices. Standard & Private Label Packaging Sealants & adhesives are available in various size containers, packed multiples per case.  Our standard minimum order is one case.  Special packaging is available, as are custom printed cartridges and boxes.  A minimum order for cartridges and squeeze tubes is required for custom printed work. Terms of Sale Our normal terms of sale are net 30 days with credit approval.  A standard credit application needs to be submitted and reviewed prior to initial shipment.  If you have immediate order requirements, we can ship UPS C.O.D. or process the order based on cash in advance.  Accounts are reviewed on an ongoing basis and credit limits are normally established per performance and needs.  We do not recommend C.O.D. TRUCK SHIPMENTS. Lead Time Our normal lead time on stock silicones is same or next business day shipment.  Special or custom product lead time is determined on an individual basis, given testing and customer approval. We fulfill orders as soon as all resources are available. The estimated lead time on your acknowledgement is the most accurate date we can give you until the actual production date. Most orders ship the same day they are filled. Please do not call requesting updated estimated ship dates unless we are beyond the date on your confirmation. Freight Policy Our freight policy is F.O.B. Mentor, Ohio and Phoenix, Arizona given availability; truck shipments being sent collect.  Normally, any order of ten cases or less is sent UPS, prepaid and add.  We are happy to honor your freight requests; otherwise we send the best way possible. Product Safety RTV silicone sealants are manufactured for industrial and construction use only.  As part of our ongoing safety information program, safety data sheets are available at any time on our website or per request.  The SDS is updated to supply specific product safety and technical information.  Storage & Handling Silicone and Hybrid sealants and adhesives have a minimum shelf life of 12-24 months if stored in original, unopened containers below 90 ˚   F.  Please see product brochure or SDS for specific information. Product Performance Silco Inc. recommends that all products be tested to your specific requirements, since we have no control over the end use of the product.  Samples of our products are available for application testing, along with detailed literature. Warranty Silco Inc. warrants that its products will meet its specifications.  There is no warranty for merchantability or fitness of use, nor any other express or implied warranties.  All recommendations for use of the products are derived from tests and data believed to be reliable.  Manufacturer shall not be liable for injury, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of this product.  Manufacturer's only liability shall be to replace that portion of the product proven to be defective. Return Policies Products cannot be returned after 60 days from date of shipment. Contact Customer Service at orders@silco-inc.com to process a Return Material Authorization (RMA). Include the following with your request: PO number and/or invoice number along with the BOD and Lot number from the product wanting to be returned. Defective Product – Please read the Warranty Section. If product received appears to be defective, a sample needs to be sent to Silco for testing. Silco will pay to have the defective product returned or advise proper disposal once it is determined to be defective. Replacement product will be sent at no charge.  Silco will not accept a return if it is determined that the product is not defective. Private Labeled and Custom Products – These items cannot be returned unless determined to be defective. This includes product with client branding, product in blank cartridges, custom formulated and non-standard packaging. Damaged or Lost in Transit – These items are the responsibility of the shipping party and the account holder. Claims must be declared in writing within the terms of each carrier. Many carriers require damaged or lost goods to be declared with their driver at the time of receipt, or within a specified number of days after. Silco must be notified immediately of claims made on our freight account. Goods shipped on 3rd party accounts are the responsibility of the account holder to file claim and recover losses directly from the carrier.  In this circumstance, Silco can replace the damaged/lost product but would invoice for the replacements. Silco Shipping Errors – i.e. Silco shipped white instead of black. Silco will cover the charges for the exchange. Please review your order acknowledgement. Purchase Order Errors – i.e. Customer ordered the wrong product, color, packaging or quantity. Client would be responsible for paying return shipping charges and restocking fees – amount determined per return. Client is also responsible for shipping charges to reorder the correct product. Returns due to any other reason, i.e. slow turnover or overstock, are subject to shipping charges and restock fees - determined per return. Credit will be issued after inspection of return shipment to Silco.