Hybrids are silane-crosslinking organic polymers that combine properties typical of both silicone and polyurethane while eliminating their individual inherent weaknesses. Thus, hybrid sealants combine the adhesive strength and paintability of polyurethane with the weathering resistance of silicones.
Acetoxy Cure Silicones have high elasticity and are extremely tough in extreme low and high temperature settings. Silicones also have the highest rated index for UV resistance, which is critical to many commercial and residential applications where sealant exposure is critical.  Key characteristics include: non-yellowing, non-flammable, excellent weatherability and resistance to mildew. 
Neutral Cure Silicones are in the same family tree as acetoxy silicones.  While retaining those properties, neutral cures have added capabilities such as being non-corrosive, low odor, greater permanent flexibility and capacity for movement.  Neutral cures offer a wider range of adhesion to common materials (plastic and masonry) without the use of a primer.  This grouping of silicones offers particular formulas for Multi-Surface Adhesion, Self Leveling, High Temperature, Fast Curing and All Weather Sealant.
Siliconized Acrylic Latex is a proven general construction perimeter water based sealant.
Poly Foams are energy efficient expanding polyurethane foams.  Fills, insulates and seals larger construction cavities and gaps around: windows, doors, electrical and insulation.
Net 10.3 U.S. FL. OZ. (305 ML) Acetoxy Cure High Performance Excellent Weatherability UV Stable Non-Yellowing VOC Compliant Non-Flammable Waterproof Excellent Adhesion 25% Movement Capability Non-Shinking Temperature Range: -62˚ F to 400˚ F Continuous 	  	  	  	  	 	 	 	 	 	  	  	 YOUR LOGO & PRODUCT INFO
Order Silco products under your branding.  We make it easy for you to sell your own brand of sealants and adhesives.
When close enough doesn’t cut it.  Standard colors do not work in every application.  Let us match your product so seams appear seamless. Ideal for color-specific industries: Bath & Shower Counter Tops Siding & Exterior Trim
Special size containers, branded boxes & resale ready packaging.
At   Silco,   we   harness   the   power   of   chemistry   to   service   dozens   of industries   all   over   the   world.   We   have   spent   two   decades   developing the   best   sealant   and   adhesive   products   for   specific   applications.   We invest   in   new   and   innovative   raw   materials   to   enhance   our   product performance   and   capabilities,   as   well   as   high-speed   production and   packaging   machinery   to   shorten   the   time   between   design   and shipment.    We    continually    rely    on    the    latest    advancements    in chemical and information technology. But   in   the   end,   our   greatest   asset   is   our   team   of   talented   technical   experts.   We   work   with   customers   to   determine   custom   solutions   to   sealant or   adhesive   problems,   taking   into   account   factors   like   materials,   curing   environment,   budget,   climate   resistance   and   more.   Our   proactive approach   maximizes   product   superiority   and   compatibility   while   minimizing   application   failures   such   as   poor   adhesion,   staining,   seal   failure, mismatch color, weather application problems, environmental issues, UV instability and many others.
Example: The Glass Block Industry, What is the best adhesion solution? Acetoxy cure - adheres to glass, but not PVC spacers frequently used Neutral cure - good glass and PVC adhesion, but can yellow over time Hybrid cure - best adhesion and non-yellowing