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CLEANER 1-PART MULTI-PURPOSE FOAM CLEANER Seal Clean is a multi-purpose cleaning agent used to dissolve uncured or fresh polyurethane foam and adhesive, formulated without the use of any ozone- depleting materials. Seal Clean is uniquely designed for cleaning of the one-component professional dispensing units, as well as for general cleaning purposes such as tools, work surfaces, etc.
AVAILABLE  12 OZ. CANS, PACKAGED SIX (6) PER BOX. APPLICATION AREAS Typical   application   for   Seal   Clean   would   include   cleaning   of   the   one   component   dispensing   unit   to   keep   internal and   external   parts   working   efficiently.   Seal   Clean   may   also   be   used   for   dissolving   uncured   urethane   foam   and adhesives in most one-component applications. PROPERTIES WARNING:   Contents   are   extremely   flammable.   Never   use   near   open   flame,   sparks,   heat   sources,   or   other potential sources of ignition. Also see "Special Handling" section on the document. The pre-pressurized cleaning agent dissolves uncured or fresh polyurethane foam and will evaporate quickly. Its   unique   design   allows   the   user   to   dispense   contents   in   the   upright   or   inverted   position   for   easy   access   and convenience of use with the one-component dispensing unit. Seal   Clean   requires   no   outside   mechanical   or   electrical   power   source. Recommended   temperature   for   use   is   75°F   (24°C).   It   is   available   in   one size,   complete   and   ready   for   use.      The   product   may   be   attached   to   one- component   dispensing   units   for   easy   gun   cleaning   or   used   directly   from the can for general cleaning purposes using the red spray activator. PREPARATION FOR USE Shake   well   before   using.   For   general   cleaning   purposes,   insert   the   red   spray   activator   onto   the   valve   stem   of   the can.   With   arrow   towards   the   surface   to   be   cleaned,   slowly   depress   the   red   activator   to   spray   cleaning   agent.   In case   of   delicate   surfaces   or   fabrics,   test   a   concealed   area   for   evaluation.   Wipe   off   excess   residue   or   rub   fabrics   if necessary. APPLICATION / USE Dispensing   unit   cleaner:   Follow   the   general   cleaning   instructions   after   every   can   to   remove   any   fresh   foam   from dispensing   unit   adapter   and   barrel   opening   before   attaching   new   container.   It   is   not   necessary   to   flush   the dispensing   unit   after   every   can.   Always   replace   the   empty   product   container   immediately   with   a   fresh   can.   To maintain   the   dispensing   unit   in   good   working   order,   follow   these   instructions   after   every   10-20   cans,   or   prior   to repair.   While   holding   red   spray   activator   aside,   screw   Seal   Clean   onto   dispensing   unit   adapter   until   it   will   not   go further.   Do   not   over   tighten.   Carefully   pull   the   trigger   and   dispense   cleaning   agent   into   suitable   container.   If necessary, repeat procedure two to three times until only clear cleaning agent appears from barrel.   IMPORTANT NOTE: Cured   foam   cannot   be   dissolved   with   Seal   Clean.   Do   not   use   pointed   or   sharp   objects   for   cleaning   of   dispensing units.   Use   only   in   well   ventilated   areas.   Wear   impervious   gloves,   eye   protection,   and   protect   clothing   when   using. Read   all   instructions   and   safety   information   (SDS)   prior   to   use   of   any   product.   KEEP   OUT   OF   REACH   OF CHILDREN. PRODUCT STORAGE Store   in   cool,   dry   area.   Do   no   expose   to   open   flame   or   temperatures   above   120°F   (49°C)   to   avoid   excessive pressure build up. Seal Clean is reusable by following product instructions. SPECIAL HANDLING Contents   are   extremely   flammable.   Never   use   near   open   flame,   sparks,   heat   source,   or   other   potential   sources   of ignition.   Vapors   may   cause   flash   fire   if   ignited.   Contents   are   under   pressure.   Do   not   puncture   or   incinerate.   Do   not place in hot water or near radiators, stove, or other sources or heat or store or above 129°F (49°C).