GHS - Globally Harmonized System
What is GHS? We   would   like   to   update   you   on   the   recent   government   GHS   mandate   for   transportation,   workplace and   product   labeling.   If   this   is   not   on   the   forefront   of   your   projects,   it   should   be.   The   Globally Harmonized   System   of   Classification   and   Labeling   of   Chemicals   (GHS)   is   an   internationally   agreed upon   labeling   system   created   by   the   United   Nations.   The   governing   body   in   the   U.S.   is   the   United States    Department    of    Labor,    more    specifically    the    Occupational    Safety    &    Health   Administration (OSHA).    The    Department    of    Transportation    (DOT),    Environmental    Protection    Agency,    and    the Consumer   Product   Safety   Commission   actively   participated   in   developing   the   GHS   and   may   play   a role   in   its   enforcement.   The   new   directive   includes   a   variety   of   Physical,   Health,   and   Environmental labels   that   need   to   appear   on   most,   but   not   all   chemical   product   containers,   packaging,   and   shipping bundles.   The   GHS   Purple   Book   is   a   rather   long   document   containing   the   full   definition   of   the   new guidelines   and   labeling   requirements.   It   can   be   read   online   on   OSHA’s   website    or   purchased   from  website. GHS Deadlines There   are   three   GHS   deadlines   of   which   you   should be    aware.   The    first    phase    of   Training    should    have already   happened   in   your   workplace.   The   next   two deadlines   have   a   definite   impact   on   the   entire   Sealant and   Adhesive   industry.   As   of   June   1,   2015   chemical manufacturers    and    distributors    must    be    using    GHS labels     where     applicable.          Distributors     may     ship products    labeled    by    manufacturers    under    the    old system until December 1, 2015. Do we need to do GHS? The   risk   for   non-compliance   of   GHS   labels   lies   on   you   and   the   entity   transporting   goods.   We   have   heard   through   our   suppliers that   many   large   manufacturers   in   our   industry   have   changed   their   minds   in   the   last   6   months   and   decided   to   implement   GHS labeling,   although   the   mandate   may   not   be   applicable   to   their   industry   or   end   use.   Manufacturers   or   distributors   that   sell   primarily to   the   retail/consumer   market,   but   not   exclusively,   are   concerned   that   a   transportation   or   HazCom   agent   could   slow   or   stop   their shipments for fear of non-compliance. They, and we, believe it better to be safe than sorry. Silco is prepping for GHS. Are you? Many   companies   have   hired   new   personnel   or   entire   teams   to   handle   their   GHS   implementation.   Silco   has   also   allocated   new personnel   to   this   project,   and   is   leveraging   our   network   resources   for   your   benefit.   Our   team   is   working   with   packaging   suppliers, studying   knowledge-bases   and   consulting   with   the   largest   trend   setters   in   our   industry   to   ensure   we   are   doing   our   best   to   comply with   GHS   guidelines.   We   have   investigated   the   various   nuances   of   the   GHS   guidelines   and   their   interpretations:   chemical applications,   layout   &   design,   hazard   and   precautionary   statements,   container   screen   printing   limitations   and   other   issues.   We   are currently   revising   all   Silco   Label   products   that   are   applicable   under   the   new   GHS   mandate.   Silco   will   have   our   new   artwork submitted   to   our   packaging   suppliers   prior   to   the   June   deadline.   We   will   also   have   updated   Safety   Data   Sheets   available   for distribution of Silco Label products, containing the important GHS labeling. To   our   Private   Label   customers,   we   are   accepting   production   ready   artwork   now   in   order   to   be   prepared   for   the   June,   1st deadline.   Please   note   that   cartridge   and   other   container   manufacturers   have   longer   processing   times   due   to   the   heavy   influx   of submissions.   We   are   also   willing   to   share   our   gained   knowledge   to   assist   Private   Label   customers   in   their   GHS   artwork   changes. For   a   small,   fixed   fee   our   team   will   advise   you   on   GHS   guidelines   for   product   container   artwork   and   edit   your   supplied   artwork   in preparation   for   submission   per   your   instructions.    *Please   note,   although   our   team   and   outside   resources   are   knowledgeable   on the   topic   of   GHS.   We   cannot   offer   you   legal   advice   or   guarantees   regarding   GHS   fitness.   It   is   the   sole   responsibility   and   liability   of the Private Label to determine GHS suitability and context.   Please   contact   Kim   Singleton   at    if   you   are   interested   in   our   help.   She   will schedule time for you to work with our graphic designer on staff. Here   are   a   few   online   resources   if   you   are   in   need   of   further   information   regarding   the   other portions   of   the   GHS   mandate   –   Safety   Data   Sheets,   Transportation   Labels   and   Workplace Environment & Training. y - implementation/ As   always,   your   sales   representative   and   I   will   be   involved   to   make   this   a smooth transition. Thank you! John Boland Sales & Product Development Manager Silco, Inc.
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