Green Building, Safety and VOC Rating Silco Incorporated is ecologically minded, providing products that are Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) compliant.  We maintain high industry standards to encourage safe use of our products and support green building methods.  We have certification letters on file of third-party verification by Dallas Laboratories, Inc. for those products which meet industry standards, including: MIL-A-46106A, ASTM C920 and various AAMA.  Also,  many Silco products contain key components that have been independently  “Listed”, “Recognized” or “Verified” with leading industry organizations for acceptable usage. NSF Usage & Status* NSF International lists several Silco product components under NSF/ANSI Standard 51 as “Food Equipment Materials”. UL Usage & Status* Silco Inc. is an Authorized Repackager under the UL LLC Repackaged Recognized Component TEOU2 program. Representative samples of repackaged components have been evaluated by Underwriters Laboratories  and meet applicable UL requirements. AAMA Usage & Status* Multiple Silco products use primary components that have been submitted to the American Architectural Manufacturers Association Certification Program, which includes a system of verification and documentation of components’ compliance with their individual applicable standards at an AAMA-accredited laboratory. FDA Usage & Status* Several Silco product components, when properly cured and washed, meet the requirements of FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.2600 for incidental contact with food, subject to end-use compliance. USDA Usage & Status* The USDA has on file many key components in Silco products that are authorized for use in federal inspected meat and poultry plants, classified USDA-P1.  Sealants must be properly cured and cleaned with potable water prior to use; avoiding direct or indirect contamination of food products. ASTM* Many Silco products meet ASTM specification Standard C920 Type S, key components having been tested under multiple ASTM test methods as stated on each product detail page. *See product page for specification of each code.
1 0 0 % E C O - F R I E N D L Y  V O C C O M P L I A N T

Look for logos and specification standards to

help you understand product safety and key

component usage status.  Please note these

logos and other terminology represent specific

industry standards that only apply to the

products on which they appear.